Tuesday, March 20, 2012

VTC - Microsoft Access 2010

VTC - Microsoft Access 2010


VTC Microsoft Access 2010 | 564.61 MB
Author: Mark Long
SKU: 34224
ISBN: 1 936334 91 7
Release Date: 2011 05 12
Duration: 9 hrs / 121 tutorials
Work Files: NO (Sorry, I dont have work files)

Office 2010 software suite, Microsoft is introducing the latest version of Access, their entry level database application software. Dont let the words entry level fool you, this is one very powerful database tool. Access was designed to collect, store, manage, report, and dissect data for individuals and small businesses. The release of the 2010 version continues to raise the bar of what an entry level database product can do.

In this course, Mark Long takes you from opening Access 2010 for the first time through the entire process of creating a database. He covers tables, queries, forms, reports, and many of the other bells and whistles that make up Access 2010.

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